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About Us

Our Company

We Are a small company localted in Kuwait we work in the import and export industry, we also import goods and distribute and resell them around kuwait. we work closely with international companies and brands also we hold exclusive distribution locally for many brands and products.

Export & Import 

We at The Green Tree Trading Company can offer a comprehensive wholesale Economy Import and Export service for E Commerce, Economy Courier and standard Air & Sea freight into and out of Kuwait. We already work with several large global organisations and can offer a range of delivery options based on volumes, weights and type of product.We work with many foreign based Retailers who have enough volume to consider dealing directly with us, without the need for third parties. We can provide a complete import service that includes Customs Clearance for Low value


We import product from around the world and resell them locally and internationally, we also distribute to different kind of sectors around kuwait. The three major ones we work with are Automotive, industrial and medical sectors. you can see more info on our partners page.

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